Update March 15th 2016: Below is my bio. It has been with me for several years and I’d like to update it soon.

At the heart of it, I’m a professional sex nerd that other people call an expert in the field of human sexuality. Many people I meet ask me how I get paid. Good folks of the world support my work by hiring me to speak t college groups, appear in shows, on news panels, teach pleasure-based workshops, consult on top-secret projects and advertise on my podcast of the same name.

~~~ Back to bio on the chopping block~~~

Sandra Daugherty punches sexual shame in the face. The sex educator is a firm believer in the right to healthy intimate experiences and the skills that get us there.

Sandra is known the world over for her podcast, “Sex Nerd Sandra.” At once irreverent and educational, the show has earned a top spot on iTunes. Its loyal listenership (over 14 million downloads) is vocal about Sandra’s impact, describing her as “inspiring” with “contagious enthusiasm” and an “awesome nerd-like ability that [she’s] not afraid to show.” Her weekly podcast has run since 2011 under the Nerdist Industries banner with no end in sight.

Her professional journey began in 2009 normalizing sexuality through sex-positive workshops and she continues to teach as well as appearing across other platforms including web and TV shows, podcasts, documentaries, panels, lectures, personal coaching and consulting.

Her background in cultural anthropology, philosophy and broadcast journalism provide crucial lenses through which she views her work. Sandra has completed the comprehensive sex educator training program provided by San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), attends professional conferences and workshops regularly and devours literature on all related topics with retention equal to her curiosity.

 Brimming with book smarts and street smarts, Sandra is passionately committed to creating a safe space for each person’s unique intimate needs. Her methods include heavy doses of physical comedy, playful insight and surprising disclosure.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is an avid traveler and lover of big questions.

58 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks to a link on the Savage Love podcast, I recently discovered your podcast. After hearing you talk about the Pure Wand I bought one for my wife since she REALLY enjoys G-Spot stimulation. It was awesome! Then I tried tried the small end on my prostate. OMG, talk about “eyes roll back orgasm”, it was unlike any other feeling I have ever experienced. I am trying to work up the nerve to share this experience together. All I can say is it was worth every penny…or dollar, LOL.

  2. Learned about you by way of Twitter and have been listening and enjoying your posts. Your humor is what makes your podcast so entertainment. Keep it up.

  3. I started listening to your podcast 2 weeks ago and I’m almost done listening to all of them!!! I live in LA and I really REALLY want to attend one of your live podcasts. When will you have one and do I have to rsvp?

  4. Sandra,

    I recently opened up my marriage and stumbled across your podcast after reading “Sex at Dawn” and heard your interview with Christopher Ryan. That was just a gateway episode for me, and now I’m a SNS addict! I love your humor, positivity, and open happy discussion of everything so that even a newly-out-there 41-year-old mom like me can figure out how to own my own pleasure and get jiggy while being confident and safe. I’ve picked up a lot of negative sexual baggage along the way–time to put that down! Thanks so much, you are awesome. I need to put together one of those safe sex kits I just watched your little video about!

  5. Well, I’ve looked around the site and nerdist.com for a contact email for you and I give up.

    Sandra, I would like to invite you to be a guest on my show, “Ardent Atheist”. Would you be a guest on my show please?

    Emery Emery
    I can be reached at emery at ardentatheist.com.


  6. Sept 11-13 at pleasure chest?

    Coming to LA for a wedding and would love to stop by the pleasure chest and get an autograph…as well as something for the bride and groom! Will you be working Tuesday sept 11 or Wednesday sept 12? Thanks, and happy nerding.


  7. I just wanted to say I love love love Sandra so much. Thank you so much. Your podcast helped me so much to be more educated about sex and I have gotten much much better reviews on my blow jobs thanks to the oral sex:BJ basics. I will definitely keep listening because it is beyond beneficial

  8. Sandra & Dave,
    Just listened to the “Sexy Resolutions” podcast, and I am determined to finally get out there and have some fun…or any fun. But I kind of have a problem. One of my students wants to hook me up with a friend of hers. Now, I know that this other woman is not a student, but it still feels odd. Also, some people have told me that this student liaison is actually the one interested in me. Not sure what to do here.
    Also, I love the story about the 20-something going after the 30-everythings. I have my own embarrassing moment with an older and bolder woman that I will not share here tonight.
    Again, advice would help.

  9. I am hooked on the Podcast! I walk dogs for a living and was laughing hysterically in public today as I walked dogs and listened to the Talking Dirty episode.
    Also, I was trying to research if anyone else online knew about the cold pack on the balls technique and I came across this awesome quote on the website letsmasturbate.com : “X-Files Get slimed:
    My favorite way to masturbate is to purchase some Nickelodeon Gak. For those who don’t know its a strange little gel substance that’s really cold and slippery. It makes me feel like I’m having sex with an alien.”

    Thought you might enjoy….

  10. I was just wondering; have you heard of the I Heart Guts company? They sell these really weird, cute plushies that’re modeled after the human organs. And there’s a mammary gland. xD

  11. I started listening to your podcast on soundcloud and let me tell you never knew something could be so entertaining and knowledgeable, then I watched your youtube videos and I loved them and you, your awesome keep it up, oh Dave is awesome too

  12. I just listened to the podcast with Megan Andelloux where she talks about having orgasms when hearing camera shutters. I recently heard about a case (on radiolab, another awesome podcast) where a guy had huge arousal around safety pins and it turned out to be because of a brain tumor and I just wanted to pass the information along for you to relay just in case something similar was happening here. I love the podcast, thanks for doing it!

  13. Love the podcast
    it has taught me a lot of info
    i recently graduated high school and looking back on the sex units mine was kind of odd
    while they did teach about the different methods of birth control and std prevention they never taught how to use any of them
    and also the taught us about the microscopic what goes on during sex and the female and male bodies separately they never taught about sex for a while i thought the male external organ attached to the female external bits to produce a baby
    and thanks to you sns i learned what is the truth and so much more thanks again
    also what episode of keeping up were you in

  14. My fiancée is much shorter than me (she is a dwarf and I am 5’11.25″). She wants to be on top, but she is afraid it’ll ‘go in the wrong hole’, and she wouldn’t be able to get off if me (she has ulcerative colitis). Any tips for sex on top? She loves my on top, but my arms are only so strong and I can’t hold myself up ( we both have a rare kidney condition that involves muscle wasting/myopathy).

    Your tip to use my pubic mound REALLY spiced up out our sex lives (we were both virgins, and lost our virginity to each other),

  15. interesting juxtaposition as i’m listening to tristan taormino’s recent discussion with cooper and ginger the cast of ‘life on the swing set’ podcast right after listening to your swinging discussion. i really wish ‘sex nerd’ and ‘sex out loud’ could have done a crossover show because i would have liked to hear what i assume would be some potential fireworks in regard to issues like ‘swinger hypocrisy’ a term that came up on tristan’s show-in terms of how bisexual men are often treated in the lifestyle, the fact that many in the old guard of ‘traditional swinging’ seem to be primarily white, affluent, and sexually liberated while often being politically conservative. would love to hear a follow up show with your guests and cooper and ginger discussing the lifestyle together and see how much common ground there is.

  16. Hey Sandra ! I’ve recently been introduced to your podcasts, and I absolutely love them! I couldn’t get enough of your blowjob podcast with Dave haha. Anyway I wanted some basic tips for beginners, for blowjobs.
    Thanks, you’re amazing.

  17. I love your SNS podcast and listen to it on my commute to work every day! I have introduced so many friends to it that have come to me with sexual questions/frustrations and they are now spreading the Sandra love and knowledge too 🙂 I just came across this TED talk and thought of you. I know you would be interested if you haven’t seen/heard of this issue yet.
    P.S. Thank you so much for opening my small sexual world into the open, joyous beauty it is today!

    Much love

  18. this is a message I tried to send on nerdist web site but was having issues – so maybe this will get to you. My email tazpug@att.net. Hey, to be honest. I don’t know if this is to Sandra or Chris. I just started listening to Sandra a few days ago on Tune in Radio and have worked with/for Chris during Course of the Force. What a great connection! Sandra, have you done an episode of cosplay? I haven’t used it in my bedroom even though I dress up as a Sandtrooper many times a year. I’ve gat a great pic with Chris I’d love to share. Anyway just wanted to say “Hi” and enjoy both Sandra and Chris. Would love to hear from either of you or both and again would love to share the pic. P.S. Chris, I hope you got the 501st Legion bags I handed one of your guys while in San Francisco.

  19. Hey, have you ever done an episode with sex advice for overweight people? I’m a guy, but ladies need advice too I’m sure. I assume losing weight is recommended but are there effective positions that work? For example, my girlfriend likes to try a spooning position but I have a difficult time because of my stomach and I don’t have a foot-long dick. Thanks!

  20. Found your podcast the other day in the tops list (as in iTunes… )

    The first episode I heard was “age play”. I was uncomfortable for the first half, then blam your guest said something perfectly. The rapport you had with him was perfect. I wanted to run to my partner and have her listen and say “they get it”. The “get it” part had nothing to do with age play, yet at the same time everything. “age play” is not an episode to start her on though. I am not sure any episode is. Figurative comprehension is an art.

    The podcast is awesome. I have to keep my eye open for Seattle shows.

    I really like your educational podcasts, they are informative and innovative, something I never experienced before frankly. My only concern is the length of each episode. The whole materials could be squeezed into half an hour at most. I have a busy schedule and can hardly find a free hour to listen. I feel that the pace is too slow. Sometimes there are repetitions. e.g. In one the podcasts, the side-topic of a sex toy dresser was reviewed twice in the same podcasts. I end up scanning all your podcast for more educational part.
    But overall they are very interesting. Keep doing the good job

  22. Thank you for doing such a wonderful podcast! My boyfriend and I listen to it all the time. In fact, it kept us company on our recent summer vacation road trip home from Austin, TX to Tucson, AZ. We really enjoy all your insights and have learned quite a bit listening to you! Hopefully one of these days you’ll be able to come to Arizona. 🙂 We’d drive to see you up in Phoenix! You’re awesome and keep up the good work!

  23. I just wanted to say I love your show Sandra, been listing for a couple years now. Wanted to send love, thanks, and energy your way. Many of my own personal issues have been brought up, the shows have helped me in numerous instances.

    Keep kicking butt girl!!!

  24. i just listened to your love lab and there was the guy who called in about not being hugged in a while and he’s a virgin. He’s from dc. You encouraged him to seek therapy. I’ve gone to a great therapist in DC – Susan segal. She specializes in sex therapy and think it might be a good fit for him. I don’t know if u have a way to contact him back. Thanks

  25. You’re podcast is so great!!! I find myself saying thingfs like “yeaaaaaah, exactly!” on the streets on my own these days. I just love it! I would say though as a suggestion/comment that some comments – made by guests – are sometimes kind of borderline problematic, and I completely understand having to give freedom to your guests and that recording in the way you do leads to these things, but may be a disclaimer or something would be a good way of dealing with that? Anyway, love your show and I find it very educational!!

  26. Hi Sandra,

    How are you? I am a writer at FLARE Magazine and I am emailing you in regards of possibly doing an interview with me for FLARE as part of their conversation Project 97 (a yearlong discussion and awareness on sexual assault, harassment and sexual abuse) For this piece, we want to reach out to sex experts and get their opinion on the process of obtaining your partner’s consent for sex, in a sexy manner. Would you be interested in an interview?

    If you could let me know that would be great. You can reach me at this email or at (416) 508-1993.

    Thanks so much.

    Ashani D. Jodha
    FLARE Magazine

  27. Hi Sandra I love your podcast and I’ve being a long time fan I especially like all the correct gender terms and trans episodes you have produced its very uplifting to the queer community and we always need as much as we can get.
    I do have a question though I’m wondering if your ever going to talk about animated porn not just Hentia which I’ve worked in the past but the full spectrum from american style cartoon porn to furry animated porn, there is a large group of cartoon/hentia people out here who love being who they are.
    I plan on writting a blog some day soon hopefully on this do to the fact that I really in joy the comunity,
    But It would be amazing if you could talk about it in a podcast one day.
    All the love and respect from a queer trans girl who loves what your doing and keep up the good work.

  28. Since the intimate aspect of my life ended years ago due to my spouse’s medical issues this question is off topic. Some time back on A.K.’s show you made a reference to some sci fi programs you watch. One being next generation and the other was bsg. One is optimistic and the other, totally dysfunctional. You definitely cover the spectrum. I enjoy next generation but bsg was too irritating. Just trying to be optimistic about the future. Sorry for contacting you here but could find no other way. Just curious is all. Thanks for your time.

  29. Sandra,

    You really need to do a show on porn induced erectile dysfunction. I’m 23 & dealing with ED. It is horrible, & a shame many in the sex therapy field don’t talk about it. I understand there’s not a plethora of peer reviewed studies on it but thousands of U.S. are living proof it is real. Please look at: yourbrainonporn.com & watch the videos. You can’t possibly discount all the experiences on that site, please we need to get the word out!!!

  30. Hi Sandra!
    I need to thank you. I found your podcast two years ago thanks to the Nerdist Network and not only is it funny and smart but listening to it made me realize that I want to be a sex educator. I’ve been professionally adrift for years, just working a job and going to school here and there, but this Monday I start school again and I have my major set and my classes planned to lead me into sex ed. I honestly can’t thank you enough, your podcast helped me realize so much about myself and because of it I’m finally starting the next step of my life. I hope you know how important you are in the world and I truly hope you’re feeling better, much love and happy thoughts from Ohio!


  31. Hi,
    I just came back to the podcast after a little break, and the first episode I played was the part one of the Urban Dictionary show. Thank you Sandra for being open about depression, meds, and mental health. I really really appreciate it.
    Thank you so so much from someone in a similar position.

  32. I just heard the episode about multiple orgasms. My wife and I know something about it. We don’t have any GOALS or need for information, but I was afraid that porn has robbed so many women of “getting there.” The broadcast gave me some reassurance.

    And if you can have many ELATIONS!! – on a special occasion, then you WANT other people to do it also. The brain is a crucial sex organ, so a person can change his/her mindset, just to ENABLE multiples for many settings. Your broadcast was awesome for inspiring folks.

    PLEASE do another!!! Maybe interview a fun sex therapist, as opposed to a boring, clinical therapist. The numbers given in the Joshua Grannel episode were just the coolest part, because some quantities tell us what is REALLY being talked about. Could you interview a panel of women who have taken different ROUTES to get to “that place,” the multi-elation CLUB!??

  33. I have recently found your podcast and feel like I found a great thought provoking place to learn more about sexuality and my own hang ups.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I started back at your first podcast and am working my way to present day. Currently I’m listening to your The Birds and Bees: Teens podcast. I was forced to pull over and write you. I’m a teacher in a very conservative and uptight district. I’m also a mom of young elementary age kids. Thank you for helping fine tune my ideas about how to talk to my kids about their bodies.

    You inspire me!

    Go Team Fun!!!

  34. Hello! was JUST introduced to you/r work – very excited to read/hear more. Heard you on Mental Illness Happy Hour, recorded in 2013, in which you report you are working on a book…. what’s the status? Where can I get a copy?

  35. I just listened to the Oh Joy Sex Toys podcast. Do you have links to all the toys you spoke of in Part 1?

  36. Hey Sandra,

    Re your personal sex drive: While it’s kinda hot to know that the woman behind the brand is sexy and cute, we don’t need you to be Super Freak for this thing to work. Your secret sauce is the NERD part. Yes it’s frank and explicit but the naughty monkeys are nerds too. This thing called sex is just a fucking fascinating topic that is never discussed elsewhere in nearly the depth that satisfies our curiosity. If you just continue to be a great, explicit communicator and an free thinking sex investigator, you will meet our needs.

    You get to deal with your personal issues without the added pressure.

    Re street scene, someone once said there are three kinds of rappers: Dan Rather War Correspondent (Nas); Ex Pirate Storyteller (JZ) and Edgar Allen Poe (DMX). They are all entertainers with a POV. They have lives other than the roles.

    Similarly, SNS doesn’t loose one shred of value to us because you are not currently doing every position with every body 24-7-365.

    Good luck

    Peace and Love

  37. Sandra, Sandra, Sandra… where can I even begin, you ever so wonderful sex(y) nerd? =)

    I began listening to your podcast through iHeartRadio several days ago, and I instantly became hooked! I hear it throughout the day (often bursting out in inappropriate laughter that I can’t exactly justify to others around me. Gee, thanks Sandra…), and I even fall asleep to it on occasion, which has resulted in some pretty wacky if not totally entertaining dreams.

    Your pleasant voice has been in my ears and mind so often now, that I honestly feel like I know you on a super comfy personal level. Okay, that sounds totally creepy… Haha.

    Anyways… I like you too, I like your face as well (I just saw it for the first time today actually), and I especially love the nerdy aspects of you! I identify as asexual here, yet I can not get enough of hearing you discuss sex.

    Gosh, I used the word “I” so much in that… =)

  38. My wife and I are so excited to see you’re back! Neither of us are on Facebook. How else can we message or email you?

  39. SNS…you are such a breath of very needed fresh air. I am a 64 year old male. Married for over 35 years. Wife totally lost all interest in sex about 10 years ago. By that I mean there is NO sex of any kind at all. I love listening to your podcasts.

  40. Hi Sandra!
    I am the COO for a new online company that will be launching in the next few weeks. We have admired your work and would love to discuss whether you’d be interested in collaborating with us some capacity. Please let me know. Thanks!

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