Oh Snap! I’m back in podcast mode.

Herroooo! I’m back releasing podcasts weekly. Get up in it! I’ll be releasing 10 (let’s call it a season) then taking a break for a few weeks and then 10 more etc and so on. I’m so glad to be back and loving on these first two interviews. CLICK ON THE PIC TO GET TO THE EPISODE.

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Juicy consent goodness.
Consensual brainwashing for fun and whimsy.
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4 thoughts on “Oh Snap! I’m back in podcast mode.

  1. Hey there! I’m really glad you are back producing and posting the most awesome, positive, informative and the sexiest sexy podcast that has ever existed!
    As a fan and frequent listener, thank you! I’ve learned a lot and I continuously enjoy a lot the way you approach sex matters!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  2. Hi Sandra,

    I love listening to your podcast, and always learn new things.

    As a professional dog trainer though, I just wanted to clarify some of the stuff that came up in your conversation with Miss Holly.
    Clicker training focuses is a form of marker training that uses the positive reinforcement quadrant of operant conditioning, but in operant conditioning, there are in fact 4 quadrants, not just the three Holly mentioned.
    In operant conditioning positive always means something is added, and negative always means something is being taken away, but the other key words are reinforcement and punishment.
    By definition reinforcement increases the likelihood of a behavior happening again, and punishment decreases it. The difference between positive punishment and negative reinforcement depends on the behavior you are focused on and the order in which the stimulus is applied. In your example with the clothes pins on your chest- if they were put there before any behavior happened, and one was removed every time you did something that your partner liked, that would in fact be negative reinforcement- that is removing an aversive stimulus as a “reward” for a desired behavior. You will do that thing again to get more clothes pins removed.

    Negative punishment in that example would be if you did something your partner disliked, they walked away and left you with the clothes pins. Since you want the clothes pins taken off, you will probably not do that thing again.

    For Miss Holly, it sounds like she would rather not have the clamps removed. In that case, removing the clothespins would be negative punishment, and she would be less likely to do something that got one of the pins taken off.

    In operant conditioning, the learner is the only one who can decide what is rewarding and what is punishing to them, which is why I agree that consent is so important when you start using any kind of potentially aversive stimulus. If someone enjoys being spanked, spanking will not punish a behavior, and it may reward it. If someone just ate a huge meal, a bar of chocolate won’t be particularly rewarding, and may actually punishing.

    Circumstances and individual preferences can have a huge impact on what is rewarding or punishing on any given day. Hopefully we can help ourselves, our partners and our pets out by being cognizant of these changes and switching up our “training” to be situationally appropriate.


  3. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT please have somebody get in touch with me because something incredible happened today. I listened to your clicker training podcast. And I have to say that I believe so strongly that it could be something that will change my life . I really don’t want to say what it is that I am having trouble with but I think that lady is onto something giant and life altering I need to speak to her please contact me at TINASUZANNE 183@gmail.com . Oh yeah and clicker training for sex? I would definitely be a submissive for her my husband however would not participate at all that is sad ….he should be tied up whipped punished for depriving me of my extreme sexual obsessions. Lol maybe I’m a dominant. Hmmmm

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