Thank YOU for 100!

People were sitting on the ground it was so packed in there!
People were sitting on the ground it was so packed in there!

Sometimes I have no idea what drives me to be the nerd that I am about humans and their bloody relationships. Originally, I thought I just wanted to help change the world. Then I noticed the alien inside me who struggles to understand the human race. Always, there has been a little scientist inside there, too, trying to figure myself out.

I’ve realized underneath all that it’s pretty simple. I am more fascinated by our similarities than by our differences. Each of us is a wonderfully unique little snowflake, and if you come together and share something, you get to see the snow.

Thank you for all your love, enthusiasm and support through this first 100. Sex Nerds are awesome. Go Team Fun!


The 100th episode of Sex Nerd Sandra was recorded live as a Bawdy Storytelling show (click to listen!). Thank you to Ted, Jaiya Ma, Ned Mayhem, Reid Mihalko, Sara Benincasa, musical guest Windows to Sky and the Mistress of Bawdy Stories, Dixie De La Tour!

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6 thoughts on “Thank YOU for 100!

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  2. you are the most beautiful nerd I have ever seen. It would be my pleasures if you would get to know e and become friends!! Gracias Sandra the so called nerd lol.

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