My Sexy, Serious Year in Summary

Escaping the Sumo Suit at Dave's Birthday Party
Escaping the Sumo Suit at Dave’s Birthday Party

Scrolling through my cell phone pictures this evening, I saw a year that was possibly the most wonderful and most difficult I’ve ever had. Every once in a while I get a comment on something I’ve posted saying “Your life is so much more fun than mine!” Humored, I want to yell back, “Don’t compare your raw footage to my highlight reel!” 

With all the drama life can bring, there are also ENDLESS opportunities for friendship, adventure and sexy fun. So with all social network-y smoke & mirrors aside, here is a raw, honest retrospective of my year: 

    • Sumo Wrestled
    • Had a really awkward one night stand
    • Met new relatives in Japan
    • Came to understand the guitar
    • Taught a lot
    • Loved a lot
    • Listened a ton
    • Played trampoline dodge ball
    • Spoke at my first conferences
    • Befriended dozens of wonderful humans
    • Found the famed panty vending machines of Tokyo
    • Initiated a lot of difficult conversations
    • Hosted many live shows
    • Got really into Draw Something for a second
    • Met one of my heroes
    • Went zip lining
    • Fell in love once
    • Felt my heart break twice.
    • Went to my first music festival.
    • Got clinically depressed and then got better again.
    • Met Bill Nye the Science Guy
    • Felt plenty of fear, jealousy and rage
    • Also felt a heaping dose of joy, gratitude and delight
    • Learned how to take a compliment
    • Hiked up to an abandoned California Nazi compound
    • Experienced a neck orgasm
    • Learned to sing again
    • Volunteered my time
    • Nursed a friend in the hospital
    • Almost lost a parent
    • Had countless epiphanies
    • Freaked out about writing a book
    • Discovered a hammock garden in Austin, TX.
    • Saw my sister graduate high school
    • Kissed a woman on the evening news
    • Let many people down and surprised others
    • Finally brought out the accordion I inherited
    • Coordinated, planned and released a podcast every week
    • Sexted a super naughty picture.
    • Learned how to throw a punch
    • Had my first swing dance in 10 years
    • Went to Disneyland
    • Made friends with a sex machine
    • Saw Barack Obama in person
    • Got space shuttle Endeavor to fly right over my head
    • Won a costume contest
    • Braved a singles event
    • Applied to grad school
    • … And asked for many fantastic hugs

Wow, sex really is part of a healthy, balanced life diet. Cheers to a frackin’ fantastic 2013!!!

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7 thoughts on “My Sexy, Serious Year in Summary

  1. New listener here, but I think I have found my favorite podcast for 2013 (Sorry, Adam Carolla). Sorry to hear that you had your heart broken twice, but I think heartache and heartbreak only make us smarter and stronger for what the future will bring us. Thanks for the endless entertainment while I tackle the treadmill, commute to work, or just have a hard day….

  2. Most of these need links to detailed explanations. I’ve heard the Japanese panty machines are sort of illegal and you only find them like behind a curtain in the back of the seediest porn stores.

    And like everyone else said- neck orgasm?

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