VOTE for Sex Nerd Sandra! (for Best Mature Podcast)

Friends, I implore you. The time has come to cast your vote. Right now. Seriously, it’s really easy. Be a patriot.

Click HERE to go to and click “Sex Nerd Sandra” under MATURE podcasts. You just enter name & email and you’re done!

If you really love Dave & Me, you’ll vote every day till Nov 15th (hint, hint, guilt, guilt). Plus, you can vote for other Nerdist faves “The Indoor Kids” and “Mike & Tom Eat Snacks.” Also, “The Young Turks” is on there and by golly, I did so enjoy being on their show, “The Point.” 

The Dan Savage podcast is such a popular pick. He does wonderful, meaningful work for world change and all, but pshaw, that makes our show the underdog. VOTE FOR THE UNDERDOG!!! Woof woof! 

I haven’t won an award since I was a little thing in AYSO soccer and everyone got an award. Remedy this, nerdlings!

One thought on “VOTE for Sex Nerd Sandra! (for Best Mature Podcast)

  1. Hey Sex Nerd Sandra!! I am a 26 year old mother to a 4 year old, and engaged to a rocking musician. And a friend of mine kept telling me to listen to your podcast, so I just subscribed to it yesterday and have listened to a few of your shows now. I find your podcast very educational and yet very humorous! 🙂 I have also voted for your podcast! Good luck!

Nerd out here & at the Sex Nerd Sandra facebook page!

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