SEX NERDS UNITE! A Crowd-Sourced Sex Ed Show!

To balance out my guilt from not posting on my blog very much, I’ll share with you a little tidbit from my own life that I HAVEN’T shared on the podcast as of yet. 

I recently had sex with a sex machine. Yeah, those thrusty kinds that go in-out-in-out… Yep. It was so cooool. I’d be lying if I didn’t say part of me was thinking “Huh, interesting. Very interesting” while another part of me was going “yeaaaaaaah.”


On THURSDAY OCTOBER 11TH @9pm this is happening at the Nerdist Showroom

Sex Nerds Unite!

Wanna hear some juicy questions on love & pleasure? Great! Because I get them ALL THE TIME! Join me, sex-positive coach & educator Sex Nerd Sandra as I answer my favorite listener emails and ask YOU to help me nerd out on sex. Audience questions are welcome and encouraged! 

Podcast host & sex educator Sex Nerd Sandra REALLY wants to tell you about a neat sex tip she just learned. And so it goes with a sex nerd. With two MILLION downloads in the first year, her Nerdist Industries podcast “Sex Nerd Sandra” with co-host Dave Ross has beamed sex positive knowledge directly into ears everywhere. It’s been quite an adventure blending her broadcasting skills with a lifetime of sex nerdery. Continually expanding on a wide range of skill sets for the erotic & neurotic, Sandra can’t wait to dish dirt with you for the betterment of humanity! 

***No one under 18 admitted


Oh snap I can’t wait!

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