Spicing it up. The Episode. The Toys. The Pictures.

Ian is probably telling us what Alicia refuses to do for him. This is 15 seconds before we all laugh really hard. (photo by Jonathan Reilly)

Oh man, this week’s show is a sassy one. Married couple Ian Denchasy & Alicia Lum-Denchasy cracked me up. I mean, yes they gave wonderfully heartfelt insight into keeping the spark alive, but oh lordy that “Me So Horny” story made me so giggly.

So, here we are on my website on a hump day. That means it’s time for Pics & Links! All pics courtesy of the glorious Jonathan Reilly. And please enjoy my guests’ online couple’s resource & online store!

Ah. What a satisfyingly fun live show at NerdMelt! (Photo by Jonathan Reilly)

Good Reads Mentioned on the Show:

“Mating in Captivity” by Esther Perel

Finding Inspiration in Erotica

“The Fine Art of Erotic Talk” by Bonnie Gabriel

Exercise Your Vag with Smart Balls (I’ve been doing what Alicia said about not squeezing my glutes as much when I do my kegel exercises and I have to say, it’s begun to feel way more awesome)

And now for a picture break courtesy of Jonathan Reilly

I hope this is right before Dave says the words "Rug burn on my dick." Such a magical moment. (Photo by Jonathan Reilly)

Okay, back to links of neato stuff:

I.O.U. Activities (I’ve seen the fetish version. Super cute)

An Aphrodisiac of a Kitchen Timer to take turns following the leader (Man do I wish there were a Doctor Who kitchen timer shaped like a TARDIS. *drool*)

BONUS LINK: The Let’s Play Doctor game mentioned in the “Stress Relief” episode. GREAT game for the roleplay-curious.

I’m givin’ out links like they’re free or something’! Sheesh! I think we all deserve a photo for making it this far. You’re a winner! We all win!

Hard to imagine such an adorable couple has done so many naughty things! (Photo by Jonathan Reilly)

Okay, friends, remember: If you’re going to talk to your partner about something they don’t care about, at least do it naked!


~Sex Nerd Sandra

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3 thoughts on “Spicing it up. The Episode. The Toys. The Pictures.

  1. I’m sorry but your sidekick is too annoying, I can’t listen to this show anymore. He offers nothing to the show, usually sounds lost and confused, and to top it off his voice drives me nuts.

  2. I think using the Yes-No/Maybe list would be a great thing to fill out for each role play scenario. You could end up with a wonderful book of naughty that lays out scenes and Yes-No/Maybe with a Need To Do’s section.

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